Brisbane VHF Group Inc.

Reflector for higher bands

VK4GU(Gary) has been working on a reflector system doing away with dishes, Grid packs, most other ancillary items like coax and their connectors. Creating a very cost affective way to deal with a growing band plan up to 122GHz. His system consists of a rotating reflector with adjustment to an azimuth allowing him to reflect the selected band from below, at the base of the tower, making it very safe(no need to scale his tower for each and every band.)

Here are sum interesting figures VK4GU on 76GHz (1mw power) with S9++ contacts with VK4CSD/p MtGravatt, 122GHz was abandoned due to humidity as the contributing factor. Stay tune for more updates on his venture.


 BREAKING NEWS"All Beacons at Edans Landing are updated, Next Meeting will be on Wednesday 22nd November 2023  Chermside Library Confirmed/Teams  Please contact Jason for TEAMS entry Information .