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About the club

As recalled by Brian Rickaby (VK4RX) as a ‘foundation’ member of the WIA Qld Divn VHF (not UHF) group I can recall that it was formed after a meeting at the WIA Qld Division Convention at the National Fitness Camp, Palm beach in June 1958. The first President was Jack Ross VK4JO who lived at Clayfield. Early meetings were held at his home. The attached photo of an early meeting (August 1958)

Color was around Fuji and Per0utsbut not here Photo By VK4RX

Color was around Fuji and Perouts, but not here Photo By VK4RX

shows Jack Ross at the far right. He had regular skeds with Maryborough (AM) which most of us could only copy Jack!! Others present are (left to Right) Lionel England VK4DR, Tom Barber VK4TB (ZBH), John Pickles VK4JP (Jack Ross’s brother in law), John Cartmill VK4BJ (ZAV) at rear, Les Mallinson VK4LM, Lew Hill (no callsign, keen experimenter), Lorimer Rickaby VK4VR (rear), John Burton VK4ZJB, Bruce Hughes VK4BZ (ZBD) Predident WIA Qld Divn, Alan Fuller VK4ZCF, Eric Edwards VK4ZAJ. Photo by Brian Rickaby VK4RX (ZAP). This photo appeared in AR but I don’t recall the issue. The next year (1959) was the International Geophysical Year and “Z” calls were permitted to use six metres. I am now 78 and getting a bit vague also. I forgot to mention that notably absent from the picture was Mick Pettiford VK4ZAA who was just about everyone’s first contact on two metres.  A VHF stalwart , he may have some more info.

We thank Brian for the insight and look forward hearing/ seeing many more snippets from this memory lane.


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