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ADF5335 Synth”sig/gen”

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Whilst browsing again looking for as much info as I can get on those ADF5355 synthesizer boards and found a nice fairly updated PDF from DD1US. Link above.  He mentions the downfalls of the boards as supplied and goes into decent detail on the things he did to make the touch screen version the best it can be. In the article he also mentions that Analog Devices has a drop in replacement for the ADD5355 in the newer ADF5356. It is supposed to have 6db less phase noise.  I found it at Mouser but it isn’t exactly cheap at $75. That is the only place I looked but for those out there that may have these and be looking for less Phase Noise, their may be the answer so you don’t have to scrap what all you have already done with the 5355 version.

Also at the end of the article he mentions there is a new chip that may be out now, ADF4371 which covers all the way up to 32 GHz !  Mouser has these also at a heafty $236.


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