Brisbane VHF Group Inc.

Courses and Exams

We currently are unable to offer these needed aids for our Hobby.

We do suggest a look at the AMC website will assist, there are new arrangements,

which we are sure will assist your requirements.

Some of your local Clubs also run courses/Exams. Give them a go.

Here are a few sites to either find a call sign. Also take the Foundation Licence online and a couple of other help sites.

This is where you go to get details about getting your licence, change your callsign, fees etc..

Here’s a link if you want to make a booking to do your exam online

Here’s a link to check what callsign are available

Here’s a link to practice your theory test online

Here’s where you can purchase the foundation manual

Here is a very good online course. Click Here: for Basic to Advanced Information.

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 BREAKING NEWS "NEXT M A D"is 26th May/ Many VK2/4 have given interest NSW/ NTH QLD. See u all there. Next Meeting 26th June2024  Chermside Library Confirmed/Teams  Donate your CANS/Bottles. Please contact Jason for TEAMS entry Information .