Brisbane VHF Group Inc.

Events calendar

M A D Events as listed below. 2022

Jan 21. Past

March 26 / John Moyle past.

May 23 / with 23 on 23(Has been rescheduled to May29th)

July 18 past

September 19 past

November 28 past

With all M A D events will take place from a location of your choice at 10am-3.00pm on most microwave bands(you should still enquire, if not published.)Also the Club has decided to use the linked repeater system for interactive communications ::::::Check here:

Some other events have been programmed, a test and tune day, GHz shoot out. All will be advised as soo as arranged.

 BREAKING NEWS"Next Meeting will be on Wednesday 25th January Chermside Library Confirmed/Zoom   Please contact Jason for entry Information. 50-144MHz CLUB Beacons are under TEST.