Brisbane VHF Group Inc.

Pat v 9100 Panadapter upgrade.

Truth be known a IC9700 was not in the radio budget. So being an owner of the IC9100 and very happy with its performance, also has the ability to do as much as the IC9700 and more, I decided to add the only item the IC9100 missed, a pan-adapter(this radio is a shack rig, never goes on field days). Well the first thing was find one, budget AU$100 approximately. So I hit the net, typed in pan adapter IC9100 and bobs KD2C (David ), had this little PC board which could accommodate the four bands HF,VHF,UHF and SHF, nothing was mentioned about D Star and digital modes .

As I had other radios to do these modes, I bought it which arrived 2-3 weeks later. Easter 2019 came quick, so lots was happening and I had lifted the lid on the IC9100 and it looked rather dounting so I closed the lid and got on with life. Easter Monday came around and I opened the radio had a further look a couple of cups of tea and started. PC board came complete, all that had to be done was solder red and black power wires one RG-316 output coax to one end, four RG-316 coax cables to the other end, job done.

Next find all the soldering points on each band to connect these coax cables, with the help of the extremely well documented paperwork from KD2C, they were all found. After a few more cups of tea I got the soldering iron to temperature and started, to my amazement the points to solder required less effort than imagined leaving me with that feeling we all get after a successful outcome.

Power to the board was also well documented, with a quick connection to a 10 volt track. A hole needed to be drilled in the chassis for the SMA outlet, for the SDR. I tidy the cabling replaced the covers and pushed the all important power button. No smoke, all powered up as per normal and the PC connection into the SDR dongle, all worked to plan. Also most other types of radios are supported by davids boards.

Too be filled in soon.

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