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Activity Day Coming Soon  Microwave get together 16th July 2017. Venue to be held @ the Redcliffe and District Amateur Radio Club.(More to follow)


Activity Day (MAD/BT) on 2nd November 2014 (MAD/BT) has been scheduled for the 2nd November 2014, on all bands 2 metres and above. So we will be out hill top climbing, testing our new UH magic boxes, see you all then.

Thanks to Robert VK4LHD a schedule is to take affect: see below.

Start time of 10am so all WIA news and broadcasts are finished and repeaters are freed up.

10:00 to 10:30 23cm
10:30 to 11:00 2.4Ghz
11:00 to 11:30 3.4Ghz
11:30 to 12:00 5.7Ghz
12:00 to 12:30 10Ghz
12:30 to 1:00 24Ghz and above.
1:00 onwards for digital modes.

If you do it like that then everyone is on the same page and the same band at the same time and no one misses out on contacts from one band or the other.
It’s just a thought but it might make the running of the day a bit more organised.

See below for ideas of operation and Protocal. 

VK4UH FT-817 I-Dent-Box

Enabling the on-board iambic Morse keyer in the FT-817, used with the I-Dent-box, which has two single or one rotary switch, will provide three audible and easily distinguishable ident signals:-

dit-dit-dit,       dah-dah-dah.    and     dit-dah-dit-dah,   
No prior knowledge of CW is required. All of these signals make it easier to “peak” a dish than using a single weak single carrier. The ident tones are very different to a birdie and the receiving station does not suffer from the “ear fatigue” effect or a constant weak tone.

Selecting CW tones with an FT-817 automatically shifts the transmit carrier frequency so that an audible tone is heard at the receiving end. This tone offset by default is set at 600Hz although this can be varied if required in the rig settings menu. This avoids the problem of using the FM or AM mode to transmit a carrier which usually comes up zero-beat at the receiving station and is thus inaudible even on a very strong signal.

There are a few menu settings to be changed that affect the operation of the I-Dent box.

Enabling the automatic keyer
Push orange “F” (function key), rotate selector knob to VOX. Check button B and C for BK and KEY.
Push and hold “F” key again to store selection

Push and hold orange “F” (function key) to enter second menu section. Rotate selector knob to:-
44 SIDETONE adjust main tuning knob to select required volume of beeps (10 ideal)
20 CW PITCH adjust main tuning knob to required pitch (600 Hz ideal)
21 CW SPEED adjust main tuning knob to required rate (80-90 cpm ideal)
19 CW PADDLE adjust main tuning knob to NORMAL (otherwise dits and dahs are reversed)
Push and hold “F” key again to store selection

It is now only necessary to select CW mode using the front panel MODE selector button when idents are required. The CW selection is one place to the right of USB on the mode selector.

Many other common IF transceivers have inbuilt electronic keyers which can be pressed into service in this way. A search through the owner manual may be needed to activate the CW keyer functions required,

VK4uh and his magic box

VK4uh and his magic box









First station
Sends   dit-dit-dit -dit     (for a reasonable period)
Meaning:-    CQ CQ

Second Station Peaks up dish.
Once dish optimised:-
Sends              dah-dah-dah-dah   (for a reasonable period)    
Meaning    I am optimised on your signal              

If not peaked
Sends dit-dit-dit-dit  (for a reasonable period)
Meaning     Please continue/send more dit-dit-dit-

First Station Peaks up dish
Once dish optimised:-
Sends dit-dah-dit-dah (Sounds a bit like morse letter K)
Meaning    I am optimised on your signal  – GO SSB             

If not peaked
Sends    dah-dah-dah-dah 
Meaning    Please continue/send more dah-dah-dah


This is a small circuit to follow.

This is a small circuit to follow.











Activity Day (MADD) on 10th August 2014 to be a Digital mode theme all VHF and higher bands will be in use; Don’t forget August 10th 2014. Also on the 23rd July @ Club meeting @ Robs VK4ZDX’s Place (see info on web page for address etc.) There will be a talk by VK4UH Kevin, VK4MIL Colin on the ins & outs of the mode, with live demo’s. [b]23 on 23[/b] is also on that nite, will have a set up for this as well, should be a big nite. See U There. More details here after the Juky meeting.

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