Brisbane VHF Group Inc.

1296 mhz 150 watt Amp.

1296mhz 150 watt amplifier , Recently we sponsored a 23cm 150 watt amplifier which was taken up by several club members and many have been finished.

Club members were supplied the boards and components for making a 1296mhz amplifier deck to compete the project. All parts are shown in attched pictures. Picture 1 shows one completed by Doug VK4OE.


IMG_0331 150w-assem-300x205 2012xrfkitphoto fpanel2-300x193


 BREAKING NEWS "NEXT M A D"is 28thJuly/ Many VK2/4 have given interest NSW/ NTH QLD. See u all there. Next Meeting 24th July2024  Chermside Library Confirmed/Teams  Donate your CANS/Bottles. Please contact Jason for TEAMS entry Information .