Brisbane VHF Group Inc.

Join Our Team

Everyone is welcome to join our friendly team of radio enthusiasts by following these steps, below.

Step One

  • Click the donate button to pay for the $40.00 yearly membership fee (April to March)
  • Log into PayPal (using a secure tab), Tick share your mailing address

Step Two – Send an email to the Club email address to confirm your request to join out club.

Please direct deposit too:

Our Club Bank Details BSB 124-001 BSB 22712414

Club Membership List

Executive Officers

President:   Dr. Kevin Johnston (VK4UH) – email [email protected]

Vice President:   Doug Friend (VK4OE) – email [email protected]

Secretary:   Jason Morris (VK4YOL) – email [email protected]

Treasurer:   John Morris (VK4MJF) – email [email protected]

Club Liaison Officer:   Doug Friend (VK4OE) – email [email protected]


Membership list to be finalised



Life Membership

Life membership is an honour bestowed on individual club members who’s exceptional, loyal and outstanding service and contribution has a provided immeasurable support to our Club over an extended period of time.

In the early days of our Clubs life, we were a sub Branch of the WIA (Qld), one of the meeting places around Brisbane and as the VHF Group is still meeting as in the past.

Andrew (VK4QF)

Eric(VK4NEF) is the Clubs Life Membership was granted for his long dedicated contribution to our Club, and still offers to assist with many new amateurs today.









 BREAKING NEWS "NEXT M A D"is 26th May/ Many VK2/4 have given interest NSW/ NTH QLD. See u all there. Next Meeting 26th June2024  Chermside Library Confirmed/Teams  Donate your CANS/Bottles. Please contact Jason for TEAMS entry Information .