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News 2020

Dateline 19/09/2020 “ZOOM CLUB MEETING” This months Club Meeting (23/09/2020).

As part of the meeting it is hoped to have a round table discussion and Show and Tell around the VK3CV 122GHz transceiver modules.

If you are working on one of these then it would be good if you could participate and show the group where your progress has taken you so far

Date 9/09/2020 ″IC705 Review’’ Click Here.

Date 6/09/2020 “IF has a win” Vk4IF/p has been running well for the last few Field days Thanks to VK4 MIL UH CZ and others, on some hill, not near home. Great to see.

Look here for the full results

Date 23/08/2020″M A D Report” Sunday 23rd seemed a quiet day with gentle breeze , with no rain on the forecast, a great day to have a M A D of a time. Stations reporting VK4 ALH GU OE UH JAM EA/P CZ/P NA FB AFL, LHD/P MIL CSD KAY HD/P AND 2MAX. All reported contacts though out the day. Some are listed here, VK4OE logged a 47GHz contact with EA/P 73 Klms. VK4ALF logged a 1296MHz contact on 144MHz with VK2MAX 409 Klms, VK4CZ/P logged a 2.4GHz contact with LHD/P 155Klms, VK4EA/P logged a 5.8GHz contact with LHD/P 156 Klms VK4GU logged a contact on 3.4GHz with CZ/P 73Klms also VK4KAY reported a 3.4GHz with CZ/P 105KLms and VK4LHD/P reported a contact on 10GHz with CZ/P 155Klms. For sure there were many others listening or unable to participate with gear failure and testing, what ever the result a fine time was had by all. see you all on the next M A D.

Date22/08/2020″ Club Meeting” Wednesday 26th Chermside Library only 10 people can attend so a ZOOM hook up has been arranged for the Covid concuss people.

Date 21/08/2020 “M A D IS ON” Don’t miss the M A D event Sunday 23rd

Date 9/08/2020″ SDR’s lose to old favourites” Sherwood Engineering has rated the IC9700 below some of the loved IC706/IC756 past radios(remembering these measurements are given on the Dynamic range, noise floor, with an analog to digital converter) . Interested see here:

Date 1/08/2020 “AMC Call Sign Issue” Seems the new body for the amateur regulation are a little slow to the new rules on Call signs. Read here

Date 30/07/2020 “New Call Signs” AMCA has announced a new Licences Indentifaction Rule.

Date 23/07/2020 “Nice Bloke” It is with regret that we have to pass on the sad News that, Quentin Forman ZL1QF VK4AQF silent key. Passed away last night from a heart attack. Reported by ZL1VH. For our Club Quentin was involved with many of our test and tune days, field days from some hill or another and as a member at some of our past meetings. He was a very helpful, active and involved in our hobby, he will be missed and our condolences go to his family.

Date 22/07/2020″Club Meeting on Zoom” It is advised the July meeting will be conducted on Zoom this month(Please contact Jason for details).

Date 17/07/2020″Looking for Young Operators ” Interesting read.

Date 29/06/2020 “M A D EVENT iN JULY” Some keen Contesters are feeling the gap between the Winter and Summer Field days a little long time to wait. So a MAD in July has been muted (26th after the 23 on 23) seems great idea.

Date 24/05/2020 “M A D EVENT” All had a great day either at home or in the field. 1296MHz – 10GHz were heard, lots of gear failure and rare DX, great too see everyone out and about in these trying times. Our next Event will be the VHF/UHF Winter field day in June.

Date 19/05/2020″Events reminder” Club Meeting Wednesday 27th all have been notified of the venue (ON ZOOM). 24 th M A D event in conjunction with 23 on 23 except its the 24th, try out you old or new gear from a mountain near you,(we are allowed out).

Date 24/04/2020 “23 on 23” Covid 19 has had an affect on lots of things, but 23cm; has to be the oddest.

Approximately 12 Hams made it to the 8.00pm session, VK4CZ<AMG<AL<GU>LHD>NA>EA>DDG>MJF>ADM>MIL>KAY as too VK2MAX. 

Not a bad role up for 23cm event, most of the signals were extreme, 59+ for most. Maybe the meteorological event or just a nite for it; lots of fun was had by all.

23/04/2020 “Z00M Save the meeting” Our Club, like many others have reverted to the ZOOM system to conduct there monthly meetings, during this lockdown event. Great meeting very well attended and some really interesting topics, all from the comfort of home.

3/04/2020 “Icom hit by Corona Virus” Read below.

Delay in Delivery of ” Icom IC-705 “

Delay in Delivery of ” Icom IC-705 “

Icom IC-705 Thank you for using ICOM products. Many customers have made reservations for the HF-430MHz all-mode 10W transceiver “IC-705”,… Read more 

23/03/2020 “CLUB MEETING FOR MARCH- CANCELLED” 2020 Corona virus has taken its toll on lots of community gatherings, and our Club has succumb to the same restrictions. Watch our Club site and emails for any change in our Club calendar of events. All Radio airways are Coronavirus free, so using your equipment over this trying time is not limited in any way, except to your licensing condition. 

16/03/020 “Stay Home or Away” A recent post has been brought to the sites attention from the Club Medico. ” 

The next meeting of the BVHFG will be on 25th March at the Eden’s Landing location

There was an error on the club website but this has been corrected now.

In view of the current Covid19 Pandemic, sorry I know we are already overwhelmed with information on this subject, common sense and good hygiene dictates that if you are unwell yourself or have been in contact with others showing any suggestion of this infection at this time then PLEASE stay home and away from your colleagues – its what mates do!

OK Medical Hat off again now

Kevin VK4UH

This is a Club community announcement, Thanks for your response.

24/02/2020 “M A D Report” About 10 plus call signs were heard, North, South,West and a bit East, hills and home based. As we were all spread so far the weather caught some and not others. Some had shelter, it was great to see and hear the microwave bands rocking most of the day. Full, Standard and F calls were out trying their best to make the day. Lots of gear failure, but thats what its about 23 on 23 M A D, don’t miss the next one. 

Col made good with the portable shelter.

22/02/2020″A Visual Map” VK4CZ has posted a map of those suggested sites for the M A D. As per the list on the post dated 16/02/2020 below.

18/02/2020 “A M A D Entry” Stephen will be packing some higher bands.

VK4CSD will be active from Panorama place Mt Gravatt working Doug OE on 24, 47 and 76GHz. Due to high humidty 76Ghz will be bit of a challange. Never less, lets try it. Afterwards I can relocate if anyone wants to have a QSO I can relocate to  MtGravatt Lookout and work stations north, east, and west. on 2.4 3.4 5.7 24 47 76GHz. I might also have 10Ghz mixer level only. 

16/02/2020 “M A D is on the move” As we will be holding the Microwave Activity Day (MAD) 

the 23rd of this month in conjunction with 23 on 23, many operators are jockeying for the best hilltop location. How about you?.

Bands available: 2M/70/23cm/2.4/5.8/3.4/10/24/76/122 GHz, modes SSB, or as per liaison.

Times: 10:00am to Stumps was a starting point, some operators are going to travel longer distances, so some patients would help with there ability to be on air. Some are running 3-4 bands, others are running 8 plus, so it will be a big day.

A list so far VK4 UH/p() MIL/p(MtWoolvi) OE/p(Kamaru l/out) NE(Home) MJF(Home) CZ/p(GusBuetell) CDI/p(GormansGap) EA/p(Gantry D’Agular StateForest) KAY(Home) AFL(Home) ADC(Home)

Also a list will be published on VK Logger.

22/01/2020 “January Meeting a Blast” Many subjects were discussed Beacon repair, which has mystified thoughs charged with the repair.

Club call sign (VK4IF), has been active for the VHF/UHF Spring and Summer field days with outstanding results. 

‘Stephen(VK4CSD) gave an update on 24/76/122/245 GHz and higher bands, with a simple easy method of building these bands for fun or competition. 

MAD( Microwave Activity Day) will have the support of many club members heading to a hill near them, in conjunction with the 23 on 23 in February 2020, with all microwave bands to be activated. 

12/01/2020 “February MAD Event is coming” VK4CZ has asked for a MAD be held as per this paste.”

 2/6metre Beacon are under TEST Brisbane North.  Our Next Meeting.... ONLINE ZOOM ,  confirmed till February 2021.  Please contact Jason for entry Information.