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8/11/2014 “Use the Club Call sign”: Spring Field Day VHF-UHF Field Day 2014 – 22nd/23rd November (date confirmed need helpers, location @ a mountain to be advised). This could be a time for someone to fire up VK4IF with a group.

click here info :


5/11/2014 “Flex gives the big ones a boot” Some months back Dubus gave some interesting satistics on some of the normally used radios, one was the flex SDR suggesting the concept was a little lacking. So if you have a read the latest Sherwood Engineering stats, it appears the new Flex 6700 has just topped the charts.

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4/11/2014″A Good read on the lunar 4″ An interesting item was pasted to the club site  from the San Bernadino Microwave Society’s (SBMS) newsletter, pages 5-6 on the chinese moon transmission of WSJT65 2 metre effort.

see here :


2/11/2014″ GOOD RESULTS” A very good turn out of Hams made it to hills and some from home, several reported quiet a few contacts from the north coast to the NSW boarder of 5.9+es. Some had to abandon the day for some gear failure or just very windy weather, but no matter the issue most reported a successful day. VK4ne, & mjf reported from Mt gravatt all bands worked well but forgot a small radio to lias which would have assisted more contacts they had the KX3 running all transverters on 2 metres IF, with Kevins CW protocal running from the quick memories option. VK4OE/P wrote I’m sorry that I didn’t ever hear every-onel on 1296.150 I was there quiet a bit.
I had technical problems on 2.4 GHz, so that band was a ‘write-off’ and Robert ‘4LHD had technical problems on a couple of other bands. He (with Geoff ‘KJJ) and I had an interesting experience on 10.3 GHz when we established weak communication using a reflection off something (without knowing it!) and it was only after that the Howells Knob team discovered that signals were hugely stronger when we aligned our antennas on the direct path!




VK4oe Border rangers MAD

VK4oe Border/p ranges MAD

VK4oe Border rangers MAD

VK4oe/p Border ranges MAD

















1/11/2014″Its ON” don t forget the MAD/BT Day 2 Novembwe 2014 . SEE U THERE.


30/10/2014 “3.5 ghz Lives on” ACMA has recieved many submissions on the 3.5ghz band asking for the retention of the band plan as is. November 2015 will see more discussion on the band plan.


25/10/2014 “Club Beacons get locked up” See Tech News for the story.

24/10/2014 “MAD as hell” don t forget the MAD/BT Day 2 Novembwe 2014 as follows:

Thanks to Robert VK4LHD a schedule is to take affect: see below.

Start time of 10am so all WIA news and broadcasts are finished and repeaters are freed up.

10:00 to 10:30 23cm
10:30 to 11:00 2.4Ghz
11:00 to 11:30 3.4Ghz
11:30 to 12:00 5.7Ghz
12:00 to 12:30 10Ghz
12:30 to 1:00 24Ghz and above.
1:00 onwards for digital modes.


20/10/2014 “VK3HZ boasts IC9100 fix” According to to-days logger VK3HZ has a 10 mhz reference fix for the IC9100,  We will keep you updated on all information. (It is advised that he has other reference locking systems for many other popular radios.) Furher Updated 20/10/2014 David has produced the boards and they are up and ready for sale, at the Link below.

just awaiting boards

just awaiting boards









19/10/2014″ No new hill” With the club meeting this Wednesday nite and VHF/UHF Field day is onNovember 22/23rd 2014.

29/09/2014 “Kenny needs mod” VK4NE (Mick)  has been busy making the VK4UH magic box for the Activity day (MAD/BT)  on the 2nd November 2014. A few mods were done to adapt the box to the Kenwood TS2000, but Mick reports his ready to go.

mods for the TS2000

mods for the TS2000






a see through one

a see through one sexy












23/09/2014 “23 on 23 Roll up” Another successful 23 cm hook up around south east queensland this evening.  Lots of contacts on SSB and JT65C.


11:58 23-Sep VK4NE > VK2MAX in QF68JV on 1296.2300 JT65 -13 > QG62NJ @ 387.3km 185°
unconferm QSO

11:09 23-Sep VK4CZ > VK4NE in QG62NJ on 1296.2300 JT65 -12 > QG62LP @ 35.7km 145°

RRR RXed.Tnx Mick

10:55 23-Sep VK4MJF > VK4CZ in QG62LP on 1296.2300 JT65 -2 > QG62NM @ 28.5km 302° Edit Soft Delete

11:08 23-Sep VK4NE > VK4CZ in QG62LP on 1296.2300 JT65 -2 > QG62NJ @ 35.7km 325°

10:24 23-Sep VK4MJF > VK4LHD in QG63NG on 1295.1000 SSB 42 > QG62NM @ 82.8km 357°

thks Robert Edit Soft Delete
10:23 23-Sep VK4KLC > VK4MJF in QG62NM on 1296.1500 SSB 53 > QG62MJ @ 16.3km 33°
10:21 23-Sep VK4KLC > VK4EA in QG62MO on 1296.1500 SSB 55 > QG62MJ @ 22.7km 352°
10:20 23-Sep VK4EA > VK4LHD/P in QG63JF on 1296.1000 SSB 52 > QG62MO @ 73.6km 6°
10:20 23-Sep VK4KLC > VK4NE in QG62NJ on 1296.1000 SSB 59 > QG62MJ @ 5.2km 97°
10:18 23-Sep VK4NE > VK4KLC in QG62MJ on 1296.1000 SSB 59 > QG62NJ @ 5.2km 277°
good copy Ron
10:17 23-Sep VK4EA > VK4CZ in QG62LP on 1296.1000 SSB 59 > QG62MO @ 13.7km 297°
10:17 23-Sep VK4MJF > VK4KLC in QG62MJ on 1295.1000 SSB 53 > QG62NM @ 16.3km 213° Edit Soft Delete
10:17 23-Sep VK4EA > VK4KLC in QG62MJ on 1296.1500 SSB 59 > QG62MO @ 22.7km 172°
10:14 23-Sep VK4CZ > VK4EA in QG62MO on 1296.1000 SSB 55 > QG62LP @ 13.7km 117°
10:13 23-Sep VK4MJF > VK4CZ in QG62LP on 1296.1000 SSB 59 > QG62NM @ 28.5km 302° Edit Soft Delete
10:13 23-Sep VK4MJF > VK4CRO in QG62NL on 1296.1000 SSB 59 > QG62NM @ 6.3km 217° Edit Soft Delete
10:11 23-Sep VK4CZ > VK4NE in QG62NJ on 1296.1000 SSB 54 > QG62LP @ 35.7km 145°
10:11 23-Sep VK4CZ > VK4MJF in QG62NM on 1296.1000 SSB 52 > QG62LP @ 28.5km 122°
10:10 23-Sep VK4KLC > VK4LHD/P in QG63JF on 1296.1000 SSB 51 > QG62MJ @ 95.9km 343°
10:08 23-Sep VK4KLC > VK4CZ in QG62LP on 1296.1000 SSB 59 > QG62MJ @ 32.5km 332°
10:08 23-Sep VK4CZ > VK4CRO in QG62NL on 1296.1000 SSB 51 > QG62LP @ 28.6km 135°
10:07 23-Sep JR4ENY/1 > VK4-FM? on 104.9000 WFM 31 > PM95SN 0°
TEP 104.9 103.3 101.7opera? vy weak
10:05 23-Sep VK4CZ > VK4LHD/P in QG63JF on 1296.1000 SSB 51 > QG62LP @ 64.2km 349°
10:02 23-Sep VK4CZ > VK4KLC in QG62MJ on 1296.1000 SSB 59 > QG62LP @ 32.5km 152°



20/09/2014 “Rex VK7mo latest trip “ Hi All

During this tour some 25 grid locators were activated on 24 GHz EME with
JT4f (from Melbourne up to Tennant Creek via South Australia and return
through outback QLD and NSW) of which 21 resulted in QSO’s with one or
more stations. This is the first 24 GHz EME portable operation anywhere
in the World. Detailed reports are listed at the following URL.
As part of this work we recorded what we call Total Extra Losses. These
are the total of atmospheric losses, libration spreading losses and
degradation with a correction for antenna gain. It was found that we
could work with Total Extra losses of up to 13 or 14 dB with the VK7MO
portable station (1.14 meter dish and 20 watts). During these tests
these losses varied over the following ranges:

Atmospheric Losses of 3 to 7 dB
Spreading Losses of 4 to 7 dB
Degradation Losses of 0.1 to 2.3 dB

As can be seen if all losses were at the limit at same time the Total
Extra loss would reach over 16 dB and a QSO would not have been possible
with the portable station. Fortunately, most of the time one or other
loss was not at the limit and thus QSO’s were generally possible, even
with spreading approaching 400 Hz.

8 grid locators were activated over extreme distances on 10 GHz
terrestrial via aircraft scatter using ISCAT-B with 7 being successful.
This brings Dave VK3HZ’s 10 GHz total to 81 locators. In addition a QSO
was completed between VK3 and VK4 over a 903 km aircraft scatter path.
Detailed reports are at the following URL.

Thanks to Dave VK3HZ for processing all these reports and making them
available on his web site.



17/9/2014 “VK3HZ boasts IC9100 fix” According to to-days logger VK3HZ has a 10 mhz reference fix for the IC9100, awaiting boards(no mention of pricing as yet). We will keep you updated on all information. (It is advised that he has other reference locking systems for many other popular radios.) Updated 18/09/2014 David has produced the installation documentation at the Link below.

just awaiting boards

just awaiting boards










6/09/2014 “Magic band comes to Standard calls” WIA submissions to the AMCA.

full report

2.2 Standard Licence: The Standard licence’s permitted bands are quite restricted when viewed in the context of like or similar intermediate level licence’s in other countries, as evidenced in Tab B. The WIA wishes to discuss the possibility of increasing the number of permitted bands for Standard licensees between 1.8MHz and 28MHz, and particularly access to 50-52 MHz.

(i) The WIA notes that the Australian Standard licence’s progenitor in the UK has considerably more band access across the spectrum, which has not occasioned notable complaints or issues. Likewise, Argentina, Canada, Japan, the UK and the USA also provide wide access to bands across the spectrum.

2.3 The WIA seeks access to the 5 MHz (60m) band for Australian amateurs, subject to the outcome of WRC-15. It would be advantageous if such an allocation were aligned, at least in part, if not entirely, with other 5 MHz allocations across the Asia-Pacific region within Region 3

2.4 Continued access to 50-52 MHz, preferably on a primary basis, in line with previous WIA representations.

2.5 Consideration of Amateur access to a band at 70 MHz (4m), preferably congruent with, or overlapping, allocations in other countries (eg. Region 1).

2.6 Consideration of Amateur access to a band at, or within, 918-926 MHz (33cm), preferably congruent with, or overlapping, allocations in other countries (eg. Region 2).

2.7 Retention of access at 2300 MHz (2300-2300.15 MHz), as per the WIA’s submission to the 2.3 GHz band review in 2013.

2.8 Retention of access in the 3300-3600 MHz band. The WIA is developing a submission to the ACMA’s review of the 3.5 GHz band.

2.9 Retention of primary access in 77.5 – 78 GHz, coincident with global ITU allocations.

Power upgrades

Foundation 25w

Standard 200w

Advanced 1000w




3/09/2014″What next”     Past on by VK2ZRH

On 1 September 2014, the WIA lodged its submission to the review into the Australian spectrum policy and management framework. The Department states the review is necessary to “modernise spectrum policy to reflect changes in technology, markets and consumer preferences that have occurred over the last decade and to better deal with increasing demand for spectrum from all sectors”.

The WIA submission highlights the public-benefit aspects of the amateur service and identifies key areas where amateur radio can provide further substantial community value. Additionally, the WIA submission argues for a clear delineation between policy development and policy implementation, strong community input into future spectrum policy development, and increased resources for the ACMA in relation to interference management and enforcement.




2/09/2014 “Elecraft KX3 Hit” A must have if your a KX3 owner, 200 kHz bandwidth.


High-performance companion panadapter for the Elecraft KX3 transceiver
Full-color waterfall and spectrum displays, with fast sweep and excellent sensitivity
Simple plug-and-play operation—no PC, soundcard, software drivers or setup required
Weighs just 13 oz (0.37 kg); enclosure size: 5.4 x 3.4 x 1.7” (13.7 x 8.6 x 4.3 cm)



30/08/2014   “See Coming Activity Days, for ideas of operation and Protocal.” For the  Activity day (MAD/BT)              See you there.

Click here for Info: 


29/08/2014″ New Record Boast”  Keep an eye on the VK Logger a little birdy has suggested a new record could be posted in VK on the higher bands in the very near future.



28/08/2014 “Great Meeting” Here we are August and at this months meeting was a real show and tell event, thanks to everyone,  VK4CRO bought along a 70cm amplifier deck which is rated @200-300 watts, Geof (VK4kJJ’s) nice GPS locking system, Doug(VK4OE) had a feed for 46ghz which appeared to be an engineering challenge to say the least. Doug also spoke dueing the normal buisness  on a subject about the GPS locking of the club beacons and Kevin (Vk4UH) asked if the club was going to take up the offer from the WIA for a small grant given out, only to find himself being the negotiator for this project (Thanks Kevin).

Kevin(VK4UH) gave a very imformative talk on dish alinement for dishes larger and small  whilst out in the field. Also added a small project to built offering the use of most radios CW abilities, to transmit DITs and DARs for confirming contact, possibly making contact liaison on other means unnecessary. I m sure we will here more about this in the very near future.

Another Activity day (MAD/BT) has been scheduled for the 19th October 2014, on all bands 2 metres and above. So we will be out hill top climbing, testing our new UH boxes, see you all then. I will ask Kevin to write a small note on the building of the box and the protocol used.


Quite a lively meeting

Quite a lively meeting

VK4uh and his wonder box

VK4uh and his wonder box








18/08/2014 “KX3 Software Lifts the benchmark” Elecraft have finally released the KX3 2 metre module also with its release, a new software update to offer the transverter offset as being one item in the updates package. This has been a useful tool in the K3 for some years with ability to add transverters either using 28-50 mhz, or 2 metre IF. Great to see this as this allows the KX3 to operate with a 2 metre and 28-50mhz IF and with its superior receiving ability makes it a must have radio. VK4mjf reports the KX3 has confirmed these abilities after testing the new software, and in his words ” great to see, this will make a great improvement to the operation of my transverters and along with KX3 easy adjustable 0-10 watts output power and visible frequency readout makes the KX3 HF-SHF portable rig”.










12/08/2014 “BBS PASSES”    Another silent key.   VK4BBS well known by all.  Hi Guys just received a phone call from Steven Beamish to inform me that Brian Passed away last Thursday and that his funeral will be held on this Thursday 14/8/2014 at 2 Pm @ Sunnybank District Buptist Church in NEMIES RD RUNCORN he will be surely missed. Our Condolences to Maureen and family.

Will be missed

not another award Brian










11/08/2014 “JT65c won the day” Thanks to all that had a go, seems 10ghz to 1296mhz is alive and well. Completed contacts all over the logger with JT65 digita modes, its heartening to see these bands up and running VK4 UH KJJ CZ ADC LHD EDD just to name some.

VK4cz boosted his 2.4ghz with VK4lhd

VK4CZ boosted his contact 2.4ghz with VK4LHD










6/08/2014 “Digital Read” Have a read of this article may help for the 10th MADD

At the URL below is a report on a 10 GHz aircraft scatter QSO from VK3HZ to VK7MO over 905 km between VK3 and VK4.

4/08/2014 “Interesting observation”  Our roving reporter as been watching the activity on  digital modes. So far, there has been more activity or interest shown over the last few weeks on these modes than ever before, maybe as winter means less longer distant contacts on SSB etc. This must mean it is the winter sports eqiverlent of the hobby.


26/07/2014 “Division II Results”


r2 r1















25/07/2014 “_…  …_  ….  .._.  __.” We had a good roll up for the club digital mode session. More computers and radios on Rob’s (VK4ZDX) bench; than sandwiches. All had a learning time and some of the mysteries and myths were ironed out. Thanks to Col (VK4MIL) and Geof (VK4KJJ). It looks more like a class room with all the laptops, anyway the meeting ran late and thanks to all. just some of the gear







23/07/2014 “Icom Offer D-Star” Icom Australia are offering assistance to some clubs to get D Star up and running will post more as it arrives.



22/07/2014 “Divison II results” Doug VK4OE holds placing on division II results. Div 2 results posted! The Winter Field Day results for Division 2 have been completed & forwarded to the WIA, the winners, plus 2nd & 3rd places in each section are as follows Single Operator 24hrs 1st VK5TE 24361 pts 2nd VK5KBJ 20899 pts & 3rd VK4OE 14936 pts Single Operator 8hrs 1st VK5NE 33737pts 2nd VK5TE 18191 pts & 3rd VK5KBJ 15036 pts Multi-Operators 24hrs 1St VK5LZ 117213 pts 2nd VK5KQ 83740 pts & 3rd VK3ALB 59680 pts Multi-operators 8hrs 1st VK3KQ 36523 pts 2nd VK3ALB 28886 pts & 3rd VK4WIS 18266 pts Home Station 24hrs 1st VK3MY 37654 pts 2nd VK5DK 19736 pts & 3rd VK3QI 16300 pts Rover Station 24hrs 1st VK5KK 49461 pts 2nd VK5ZT 32445 pts & 3rd VK3QM 11096 pts Top “F” Call Station VK5FSKS 9520 pts. Was in the 8hr Single Operator section. 73 Colin VK5DK   22/07/2014 “Meeting will be big nite” Activity Day (MADD) on 10th August 2014 to be a Digital mode theme all VHF and higher bands will be in use;Don’t forget August 10th 2014 . Also on the 23rd July @ Club meeting @ Robs VK4ZDX’s Place (see info on web page for address etc.) There will be a talk on the ins & outs of the mode, with live demo’s on 2.4ghz. 23 on 23 is also on that nite, will have a set up for this as well, should be a big nite. See U There. Or see more in the news/activity day. IMG_0861







21/07/2014 ” WIA  lost the results.” Or are the staff themselves been forgetful, the recent Field day results were published for Div I. Of course thoses Div II results were not listed. These results had to be sent to a different manager (for what reason is not clear, although written in the rules,) were not passed on to the DIV II MANAGER, until they were requested). Now being that, the Div II results will be delayed. So those who are interested in comparing the results a small delay at no fault of the Division II manager. It is also noted that the contest manager has retired, thanks to John Martin for his efforts. As yet no new replacement Manager has been appointed, lets hope the new manager has our HOBBY in mind , which we would all like to see happen.


15/07/2014 “Sad DAY VK4ZAA” His last words at his funeral today. Francis John, ‘Mick’, was seen off on his final QSY today by the following VK4s… CV, OE, ZP, ZQ, ACG, ADC, APG, KLC, ZWJ, with about 25 others in attendance. We heard about his life, his interests and his involvement in amateur radio since the mid-1950s. There were some good tales with laughs thrown in, all too reminiscent of Mick’s style of humor. VK4ZAA (SK)…     14/07/2014 “Good Numbers” By all reports Gippstech was well supported and all went well. Gippstech said one guy, just keeps getting better. Once again, a good range of topics and speakers kept us all interested. Attendance numbers seem to be rising around 120 odd also there were quite a few new faces about the place this year. Congratulations to Peter and his 2012_3team for a job well done – again Gippstech2010 LogoSS







9/07/2014 “SOTA Microwave Award” The long planned SOTA Microwave Award, in conjunction with the UK Microwave Group, is now active (effective 1 July 2014). The database will require modification to score for these awards so currently it is not possible to enter details of any activations or chases but, hopefully, this will be up and running shortly. This award will be based on DISTANCE not the summit point score so is a deviation from the current SOTA practice and it will be necessary to record the locator of the station that is not on a SOTA summit (the SOTA summit locators are known so are not a required data entry). Although the award is a joint venture with the UK Microwave Group it is not limited to UK stations and is equally applicable worldwide. This is also not a replacement for any of the UK Microwave Group awards but is intended to get people out and about operating portable on the higher bands and recognises shorter qualifying distances than is current practice for the UK Microwave Group. Briefly, the rules are as follows (any lack of clarity is my fault and I would appreciate any observations where the rules need to be tidied up): SOTA/UKuG Joint Microwave Award 1) The award will be based on contacts on any amateur microwave band between 23cm and 24GHz 2) The Award will be based on distance. It will start at a basic level of 50Km. Endorsements will be available in 50Km steps. 3) Endorsements may be claimed for activity on each band. 4) An Activator may claim this award based on ACTIVATING the hill. Normal QUALIFYING criteria will apply for claiming this hill for other SOTA awards. 5) For the purposes of this award the Activator may activate the hill as frequently as wished over a year but may only claim it once per calendar day. 6) Chaser rules will apply as normal for the usual SOTA awards but Chasers may also claim for the microwave distance award. One station MUST be on a SOTA summit. 7) There will be a special category of the Summit to Summit Award, where both ends are on qualifying SOTA summits, but will be based on the distance between them, not just the fact they were on SOTA summits (such contacts can also be included in the regular S2S award). 8) The award will be jointly awarded by SOTA and UK Microwave Group. It will be administered by SOTA with oversight from UkuG. The definitions of Qualifying and Activating are as per the General Rules. Hopefully we will see folks out and about, but please bear with me before claiming awards as these still need to be designed and jointly approved by the MT and the UK Microwave Group committee. Barry GM4TOE SOTA Awards Manager   Summits on the Air (SOTA) is an award scheme for radio amateurs and shortwave listeners that encourages portable operation in mountainous areas. It was an original concept by John, G3WGV and developed with Ric, G3CWI. SOTA has been carefully designed to make participation possible for everyone – this is not just for mountaineers! There are awards for activators (those who ascend to the summits) and chasers (who either operate from home, a local hilltop or are even Activators on other summits).   SOTA is now fully operational in many countries across the world, including here in Australia (Victoria VK3, ACT VK1, & South Australia VK5).


9/07/2014 “Good Friend Silent Key” An old member of our club has past, VK4ZAA Mick Pettiford a loved and well liked member, very active within the club and amateur ranks alike. An item taken from 2009  issue of The Queensland VHF’ er :  Mick was the first limited licensee in Queensland, obtaining his ‘ticket’ in the middle of 1954 when limited calls first became possible in Australia. His first QSO was with John Ross, VK4JO at Clayfield in Brisbane on 144 MHz AM. John’s next door neighbour was John Pickles, VK4FP who, with Alan Simpson VK4ZAE as navigator, often used to win the hidden transmitter hunts described later. Two next door neighbours on two metres made for some interesting times! Other amateurs remembered as being active on 144 MHz in Brisbane at this time were Don Crowley VK4GP, Lionel VK4ZAS, Aussie VK4TN, Les VK4LM, Jim VK4OB, Noel VK4BT, Doc VK4MO. He will be surely missed by all who new him, and our deepest sympathies and thoughts are offered to Micks Family. Comments from VK4OE (Doug) I will also be one who misses Mick. I (and many others) knew him personally from VHF Group meetings in the 1980s and 1990s, and for many years he would be reliably appear (from his home) on 144 MHz during field contests to give out a few numbers. I would stop contesting for a few minutes just to ‘catch up’ with Mick. As others have already said, he was a true gentleman and loyal radio amateur. He will surely be missed! Very best wishes, –Doug. Comments made by VK4ADC (Doug) on the logger. It is with great regret that I have been informed that Mick VK4ZAA has passed away today. Its been a bad week for the amateur radio fraternity. Many of the 6 meter guys will remember Mick. He was issued the first Z call in VK4 and was a keen 6 meter operator for nearly half a century. Our deepest sympathies go to Micks family. RIP Mick  wayne VK4WTN


5/07/2014 “Gippstech Shut” Gippstech2010 LogoSS     Registrations close on Friday July 4. This is set so that we can finalise arrangements with those providing catering, especially Saturday’s Lunch and Conference Dinner. We may be able to accept some late registrations, but you will have to provide for yourselves for meals. So if you have not done so as yet and you intend coming to the event, please Register NOW. The program is still being finalised, but here is what we have confirmed to date: Intro + WIA Award presentations, VK3PF + VK2ZRH A cheap 250 W PEP amplifier for 70 cm, Ralph Edgar VK3WRE Reflections, Echos, Doppler, Libration and Scintillation, Doug McArthur VK3UM Extending the 78 GHz VK Distance Record, Alan Devlin VK3XPD David Smith VK3HZ 10 GHz Propagation: Rain-scatter, Tropo-scatter, Ducting and Aircraft-scatter, Rex Moncur VK7MO & Rhett Donnan VK3GHZ Proposal to implement GPS Locking of VK Beacons, Alan Devlin VK3XPD Life after XP? .. utter despair and frustration .. traps and dead ends!, Doug McArthur VK3UM Key challenges for Australian amateur radio – ACMA remaking the LCD and the Government’s review of spectrum management, Roger Harrison VK2ZRH Homebrewing an az-el mount for a 3 m dish, Dean Webster VK3NFI Regards, Peter VK3PF


4/07/2014 ” A few more increases” Good morning all ACMA have advised that the Amateur Radio Licence fee has been increased to $74.00. The fee increase is indexed. And rises by about $1 every year or so. Variation to licence fee remains at $49.00.   1/07/2014  “Gippstech”  Gippstech2010 LogoSS Gipps Tech July 12th & 13th 2014 also Social Dinner at the Morwell Hotel/Motel (the Top Pub) from 1830.



29/06/2015 “WIA Flying Flag… 13cm & 9cm Bands ” Have a read here.     28/06/2014 new VHF ers up for a read.


27/06/2014 “Inland Troppo goes mad” Inland Troppo has been with us for the past few days with contacts on wspr being logged from Brisbane with FNQ. Northern NSW (VK2) and Mid SA (VK5), also many logged between VK5 VK3 and VK2 (south and North). aus006.jpg








25/6/2014 “Club Meeting” Lots of chest ponding on Field Day achievements, with enforces on 24 GHZ between Vk4EA & VK4OE (182 klms about),well done to all that did the weekend. Very lively meeting and lots of gear to drull over for the not so knowledgable, great turn up. Would like to turn the eyes to the last gossip date on Beacons below.

sorry about quality

sorry about quality

A new activity Day for the 10th August to be confirmed (with the theme of digital modes and getting out and about).







8/06/2014 “Rebate for beacon” found this on the Yahoo groups. Gidday all, this Promotional Posting is to advise you all that Alan – VK3XPD and the Wireless Institute of Australia (WIA) have joined in a collaborative financial arrangement to implement GPS Locking into the VK Beacon network. So, are you a Beacon Owner ? Would you like to improve Amateur Radio and receive $200 for your efforts ? Full details of this Proposal including the “Elgibility Criteria” can be found on my very basic Website at… Details will also be Posted on the WIA Website – “in due course”. The Proposal will also be publicised in July’s AR, the WIA Broadcasts and at GIPPSTECH. I look forward to seeing how many Beacons we can get updated to full GPS Locking before the next Propagation season starts !!! Go to it !!! Cheers, Alan – VK3XPD.

5/06/2014  “Winter Field Day”  21-22nd June 2014. Don t forget its on new rules; also the  Old (vk4if) could fire up, which would be good to hear. (Any takers)


4/06/2014 “Moon Bounce” Some years ago, a couple of blokes walked on the moon, So over the last few days  CRO MIL NE MJF have been throwing a few signals into their foot prints trying EME out, been lots of fun so far for all.

2/06/2014 “New OS8 coming”  All you Mac owners will be interested in the new operating system for the mac family (Due in the US Fall).

27/05/2014 “Hoot of a meeting” Doug has promised us a mystery subject at this months meeting. There s 8 of us will be there, will you?.

26/05/2014 (New Ipad) Will be due on the shop floors for sale, in the next few weeks HD (High Definition.)

23/05/2014 “See very interesting  pages”  Gary VK4AR sent in the Publications section of the web page 

22/05/2014 ” history (1)” Hello Guys, I found the attached news item regarding the Bne VHF Group in one of the AR magazines I picked up on Saturday. It is interesting because you will recognise the odd character, however, I will run through what I can recall & others might be able to fill in the blanks. 4ZPL is Peter Lindsay – the former Federal member for Herbert, Townsville. 4ZRM Roy O’Malley now 4ZQ 4ZAA Mick was at the BArcfest – he is very old and frail now. 4ZAL Tommy Lane – deceased 4ZRH – Royce Hazlett, Tarragindi ? 4ZDF Dave Hopkins 4ZCS 4ZAE Alan Simpson now 4AAE – in his 80s – I will try to talk to him. 4ZBL Laurie Blackborough, Toowoomba – Dec’d 4ZBD Bill Donovan – Dec’d 4ZZG Graham – Dec’d As I mentioned, I was president for a couple of years in the 1990s. I am sure it would all be in the minutes – ask Paul!!! I think Doug took over from me. In that period membership soared to over 50 both local and interstate. Cheers Gary.

14/05/2014 “Winter is almost here” Winter is coming and so is the VHF-UHF Field day 21st-22nd June 2014. New rules have been integrated for those how asked for them. Know is the time to GET ON BOARD. Whats you excuse, too old, too hard or just too lazy. What ever it is the hoddy is still there and there are still , some people on trying to get those contacts on the higher frequencies,  find a hill and spend a bit giving your gear a test. Maybe there is a group who could even fire up VK4IF have a yarn at the next meeting put something together.

8/05/2014 ” just a reminder,,,,B A R C Fest” 10th May 2014. See you there? Venue is:- Corner Beaudesert Road and Kameruka Street Calamvale.

5/05/2014 ” DUBUS Latest” This quarters Magazine Technical Articles A 134 GHz CW Transmitter by Philipp Prinz, DL2AM A No-Tune Waveguide to SMA Transition for 24 GHz by Charlie Suckling, G3WDG Ultra low noise high linearity wideband MMIC amplifier, by Goran Popovic, AD6IW Yagi Design: Aspects of Copyright and “Good Manners”, by Hartmut Klüver, DG7YBN Laser transmitter with frequency diversity, by Wolfgang Demmer, DD8DB Stacking beyond DL6WU – Part 2 An extended Chapter from the TANT Appendix by Hartmut Klüver, DG7YBN 10 GHz EME converter without SHF local oscillator, by Yoshiro Mataka, JA4BLC 50 MHz SSSP Propagation (3): The global perspective, by Roger Harrison, VK2ZRH News and Columns Tropo News Microwave USA Microwave Japan VHF Australia & New Zealand Microwave Europe EME News Solar Cycle 24 – in February 2014, by KH6/K6MIO 4m News / 6m News News & Comments Best VHF DX Expedition 2013

2/05/2014 “VHF/UHF WIA ?” All of these are shortened for some other long words. The mysteries of our language. WIA has new rules for the VHF/UHF Field day. These are Distance base and Grid square scoring, very easy to find either in this months AR Magazine or the WIA web site. This months issue or the VHF er is up good reading. One interesting comment on this month VHF er, $10.00 is still the club membership fee ? B A R C Fest  

10th May 2014. See you there?  Venue is:- Corner Beaudesert Road and Kameruka Street Calamvale.   John Moyle results are out see who got prizes for their efforts. VK4 OE KLC ADC WIE WIS GHZ GYM all featured well with prizes going to all Look here for full results       Sunday 26th 2.4 & 3.4 ghz shoot out . On arrival at the Murrembong Scout Campsite at around 9.00am, nice area. I was greeted by Peter (VK4EA) and Geof (VK4KJJ) just setting up for the day. After an hour many more competitors had arrived including VK4OE, CZ and son, UH, LHD and later VK4UE . Lets say it was rigged or maybe stacked from the start, we all had our gear set to 2403.050 and 2403.150 with most of us hearing the as required signal, very well.Then it all went haywire as the signal power was lowered all that had not purchased a Khune transverter were eliminated leaving Kevin(VK4UH) and Rbert(VK4LHD) to fight it out with the prize going to Robert. By this time all us other competiters left, were trying to hid our woes with comments, ” a good pre amp would do better” and so on. (so I guess MiniKits will be righting extra profits this month.) 3.4 ghz was much the same with the competitors having a very close battle and  it was to hard to get the winner here. As a competitor with sore wounds, I must say the day was a great success, with the winner being thoughts who made the day. Of course thanks go out to Peter(VK4EA) for the time spent on the successful day. IMG_1079 IMG_1080 IMG_1081 IMG_1082 IMG_1083 IMG_1084

some of the competitors

some of the competitors

April Meeting @ OE’s place was great as per normal, Doug set up the IC9100 (no drift) for the 23 0n 23 net, also activating VK4IF (20 odd years since last activated) which ment we all had our earful concidering 4-5 normal operators were listening at the meeting.  A 80-90 klms contact to VK4REX to KLC was made and heard. Good night was had by all, see yah @ the next meeting.

23 0n 23 by the Boss

23 0n 23 by the Boss

Robs away so we are off to Dougs place, for this months meeting  35 Cronin Street, Annerley. see you there.   “Is This You”  Well if it is, we need you, as a club member, a contact on field days or just someone to talk to. HAPPY EASTER to all. img4   The feeling is that the amount of activity heard around the state, or OZ about the


there seems not much happened with this idea. Have a look hear if interested.

The Wireless Institute of Australia congratulates those clubs and organisations
able to register a demonstration station for the Expo to showcase the benefits
of modern Amateur Radio.

It occurs either on Friday, Saturday and Sunday April 11-13, in parks, other
public places and electronic stores. All radio amateurs are invited to join
"CQ Expo" on air.

Registrations are by Adelaide Hills ARC, Eastern and Mountain District Club,
The RadioActives, Summerland ARC, Townsville ARC, Bundaberg ARC, Ipswich
District Radio Club, Yarra Valley ARC, and Shepparton and District ARC.

WIA Directors Fred Swainston VK3DAC, Robert Broomhead VK3DN who will hold
a display at a popular car-boot sale, and others, are to actively take part.

Please tell everyone if they hear "CQ Expo" to listen and learn, or join
in by inviting those on the microphone, most likely for the first time, to
experience Amateur Radio and consider it.

“VHF er is up and running”    This months meeting our guest speaker, being Doug VK4OE gave us a gripping talk on circulators and isolators. The technical talk on this subject  was very imformative to all and the many standard calls in attendance . Also have a peak in the about the club drop down menu it maybe of interest to some. GM Gents! Geoff, VK4KJJ, has advised me: Doug VK4OE My only news is my 10 GHz contact from Kamarun lookout to Howells Knob (158 km) during the field day. Not bad for 15 mW. I reckon that’s worth inclusion on the ‘gossip’ page of the Group website! I did think that our (vk4wie’s) to Howells Knob (110km) and Geoff VK4KJJ at O’riellys was also a good 10 ghz contact 250mw about (50-60 kms), till Dougs bragg   GippsTech 2014 coming soon: July 12th & 13th 2014   Good morning everyone

GippsTech 2014 Sat 12th July and Sunday 13th July.

  As you may know, for the last few years I have arranged a party from VK4 to attend the “GippsTech” radio meeting held in Churchill, Victoria each July. GippsTech is a “premier” 2-day amateur conference concerned with all matters VHF/UHF and microwave. The group have shared the costs of rooms and vehicle hire etc from Melbourne.   The dates of the conference have been confirmed now for Sat 12th July and Sunday 13th July 2014 .    If there is sufficient interest I intend to run another trip in July this year using a vehicle suitable for the numbers attending with the party.  Last year we hired an 11 seater bus and had 9 attending which proved very cost effective and comfortable with a bit of room to move.   The reason to start making arrangements 3 months in advance is to allow those who want to attend to make a space in their diaries and use the opportunity to access cheap flight offers.   The provisional plan is to fly down to Melbourne on the Friday morning 11th July to arrive around midday (there are a number of possible flights and cheap fares are still available as below), we will have arranged the hire of a suitable vehicle depending on the number attending and we will drive across to Morwell in Gippsland.  This takes about 2-3 hours or so with stops.   We have a tried and tested motel in Morwell (The Coal Valley Motel) to recommend which is clean, warm and reasonably priced (also does great breakfasts) where we have stayed on several occasions.  If you “buddy up” and share a room the costs are divided of course.   There is always an informal gathering on the Friday night at a local pub in Morwell for dinner and a chance to meet with others from all around VK and ZL.   After breakfast on the Saturday morning we will drive across to the university campus in Churchill where the conference is held (about 20 mins journey by road).  The conference has all the AV facilities of the university at its disposal and  will include a full programme of lectures, presentations and demonstrations. Lunch and refreshments can be pre booked when you register on-line.  This is very reasonably priced and is recommended because the University itself is closed at this time and no other catering facilities are on hand. There are usually displays set up and equipment to buy (or be given) during the coffee and meal breaks.   There is a Conference Dinner held on the Saturday night which most delegates will attend.  This is optional but again is highly recommended, usually a great night!   The Sunday session finishes at around midday with raffles and prizes etc.  (Lunch is again available but usually we head off back to Melbourne to fly home getting some lunch on the way)   We normally book flights leaving at around 6pm (18:00) which has us back in Brisbane at a reasonable 8:15 pm (20:15) in the evening.

If you want to make early flight booking to take advantage of points or special deals then we need to fly down to:-   Melbourne on the Friday 11th July 2014:- BRISBANE – Melbourne (Tullamarine) on FRIDAY 11th July 2014                    to ARRIVE around midday (no later as we need to get on the road).   Flight  numbers to look at include:- QANTAS QF613 QF615, Virgin VA318 VA314, Jetstar JQ561 (these are all direct flights) – Please check flight details yourself before booking   Return on Sunday evening:- Melbourne – BRISBANE on Sunday 13th July 2014                                              LEAVING around 18:00 / 6:00pm (but no earlier)   Flight numbers to look at include:- QANTAS QF632, Virgin VA347, Jetstar JQ568                  – Please check flight details yourself before booking   =============================================================================================================================================================   So the invitation is open.  If you are interested in joining in this year then please drop me an e-mail, whether definite or provisional.  Placed are limited to a maximum of about 9   No money is required at this early stage   I have never know anyone attend these meeting without gaining something – ask the guys from last year!   Look at and click on GippsTech. I’ll be sending our more info closer to the time   Regards to all and 73   Dr Kev  VK4UH      2.4ghz test & shoot out day is advised will be

27th April 2014.   Found this is on the logger 17/3/2014 good going guys

VK4UH VK4OE in QG62ML on 24808.1000 SSB 57 > QG62KP @ 24.0km 138° home to home on 24 GHz

Doug added a brief note on 18/03/2014 It’s fun to see it copied there, but the frequency was 24048.100 MHz – which needs to be corrected! I also think that it’s worth making the additional observation that this was an obstructed path, not LOS.  The fact that it was ‘balcony to balcony’, so to speak, seems remarkable.  Whether it is reflection or scatter off something, or possibly knife-edge diffraction around something, we’ll probably never know, but there is this obstructed path between us that works on 1296 and 2403 MHz, which we now know also works on 24 GHz. For the record, Kevin was running a 30 mW transverter, and I was transmitting about half a watt.     John Moyle :

Sat 16 /3/2014. Great to see lots of members using all the bands Saturday and  a few more on Sunday. Thanks to all that assisted.

 BREAKING NEWS"Next Meeting will be on Wednesday 22nd February Redcliffe Club Rooms Confirmed/Zoom   Please contact Jason for entry Information. 50-144MHz CLUB Beacons are under TEST.